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NetObjects Fusion Special Price


We design with many tools, but the one we really like is NetObjects Fusion.
NetObjects Fusion
is known as the fastest, easiest way to build business Web sites. With NetObjects Fusion MX, you get exclusive features like Drag-and-Drop simplicity; Cut, Copy, and Paste in Site View; and consistent text formatting with the enhanced Style view using cascading style sheets.

You'll appreciate the new, customizable navigation bars that can link to pages anywhere within your site, external to your site, e-mail and files. NetObjects Fusion MX provides HTML source view for adding custom scripts or tags and users have instant access to comprehensive information, guidance, resources, and tutorials, with the new Online view.
Buy NetObjects Fusion MX today and you get the Web authoring software that's been used to build more than 4 million small business Web sites - worldwide. You don't have to write a single line of code!
Buy NetObjects Fusion MX today and be thankful you're getting NOF MX instead of HAL 9000.



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